Saturday, June 5, 2010

Would You Vajazzle Your Vajayjay?

First....remove any bias you have about vajazzling your vajayjay.....Second....go online to and check out this new craze driving men (and some women)all over the world wild! You'll find jewels like hearts, stars and simple circle shapes to stick on your unmentionable area with adhesive glue.....Our BSB resident “Love Machine” thinks you should have your significant other put these on ya'......and then put it on ya'…..on a steamy summer night! Ohhhh.....and we’re sure you creative BSBeaus…..How you doin?....can figure out how to bling out the family jewels!

So let’s here it Belles….Would you vajazzle your vajayjay?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tina Davis....Juliette Has a Gun by Calamity J. Plus Jane Carter Solutions!

You may know her as a former A&R Executive at Def Jam Records, as Chris Brown's former manager or as the powerhouse behind such superstars as Neyo, DMX, Method Man, Redman and LL Cool J....but here at BSB we know Tina Davis as a trendsetting, vivacious vixen ready to set your senses on fire with her Hot Pick Fragrance of the summer.....Juliette Has a Gun by Calamity J....."That's sort of like my alter ego, superstar, superwoman scent...when I put that on I'm like....WHAT!?" Tina told BSB.

Tina also loves the Jane Carter Product Line....get familiar! We love you here at BSB Tina....keep Butterscotch Bombshells looking and smelling good Doll!

We started thinking.....the Bombshells at BSB have never had the pleasure of smelling this sexy fragrance that has Tina all in a holler at us with some samples so we can make this pc scratch and sniff for our BSBelles! That goes for you too Jane C!

Welcome ButterscotchBelle!