Friday, August 20, 2010

Designer Sale...DSW! Up to 50% OFF!!! Gucci, Guiseppe, Prada & More!

Hey Belles & Beaus! You’re gonna love us for this one!!! is having a ball of a sale; called “The Luxury Event,” brands include; Sergio Rossi, Gucci, Bottega Vanetta, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Guiseppe Zanotti, Prada, Emilio Pucci & more! All styles up to 50% off!!! Yes 50%!

P.S. Don’t forget to pick me up the Gucci flats in Olive and the blue Gucci loafers…size 8.5 :)

I’m so not joking…no seriously, I want my shoes!

Beaus…my apologies for the small preview, as you can see I was slightly distracted:)

Happy shopping!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ShapeFx…A Bulit-In Body Lift In Every Piece Of Clothing!

OMG…does anyone have any of this ShapeFx clothing? It looks phenomenal! The slogan is “Designed to make the body you have look like the body you want.” That’s all we needed to hear at BSB! They have ShapeFx items for work, play and kicking it! Affordable prices and let’s face it….a built in body lift in every piece of clothing! They have shirts, bras, pants, leggings, and swimsuits…not to mention items to focus on tucking your tummy, rear, hips, thighs, arms, bust and back bulge! Bananas Right! I’m thinking this is my new gym membership LOL! Check it out…make your current body look like the body you want Belles!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ButterScotchBelle's Moving...Stay Tuned!

BSB's super excited because Moving Day is coming soon Belles and Beaus...we have to CELEBRATE...Stay Tuned!

Outfits Under $100: 3 UberCute Outdoor Looks!

2010 Fall Fashion Update: 8 Key Pieces You'll Love All Season!

The fall fashion season is swiftly approaching so it’s time to get your closet ready Belles! You must have great “staple/classic” items in your wardrobe but it is also important to have a couple of “trendy” pieces to mix in with your current closet tenants. Check out In Style’s Top 8 Fall Fashion Must Have Items for 2010…what do you think? Must have or No-way will I have that is my closet!

ABC's of Oils For Skin & Hair!!!

After our Olive Oil post we got tons of questions about other great natural oils for skin and hair care. Ask and ye’ shall receive :)

ABC’s of Oils for Skin & Hair

Coconut Oil
– Penetrates hair shaft to condition and repair damaged hair. Leaves hair shiny and soft.

Sweet Almond Oil - Prevents breakage, leaves hair shiny and stronger.

Jojoba Oil - Anti-bacterial, excellent moisturizer and conditions the hair.

Calendula Oil - Soothes an irritated scalp. Also, evens skin complexion (blemishes, stretch marks, etc.)

Hemp Oil - Strengthens and softens/relaxes textured hair.

Neem Oil - Relieves an irritated scalp, removes dandruff and thickens hair.

Brahmi Oil - Prevents split ends and breakage.

Rosemary Oil - Stimulates hair growth.

Grapeseed Oil - Combats dryness and soothes irritated skin. Does not clog pores and aides in preventing breakouts.

Macadamia Nut Oil - Reduces wrinkles and is loaded with vitamin E to help aide hair growth as well as strengthens and nourishes dry brittle nails. Protects and heals damaged skin.

Tea Tree Oil- Cures dandruff and Psoriasis, great for overall scalp treatment.

Argan Oil- Argan is considered an effective anti-aging oil due to its high levels of vitamin E /tocopherols, fatty acids and antioxidants. Known for restoring shine, caring for the scalp, and minimizing damage caused by split ends. Argan Oil also strengthens brittle nails.

Amla Oil- Strengthens hair, maintains great scalp heath & creates a high shine.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- rich in antioxidants & vitamins A and E to help repair and renew skin and hair that has been damaged from overexposure to sun, air pollution and heat/styling tools. FYI, antioxidants naturally stimulate cells and return skin to a firmer, smoother, and healthier state.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cassie's New Cut: Love It or Hate It???

Hey Belles! Cassie's sportin' a new 'do...from long & black to short & blonde...can't blame a girl for wanting to switch things up a bit:) It looks like the side is still shaved...What do you guys think? Do we like the cut? color? Looks like layered bobs may hang around for another season or two!

Beyonce’s Diamond Highlights!

BSB’s lovin' this new blinged out temporary highlight trend! Super cute for an evening out on the town! Shut it down Bey!

STL OnFire UrbanChic Pics!

LOL…The pictures won't stop coming from UrbanChic! Don't miss BSB’s next event...get ready for a reinvention Belles…October 2010...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Black Jean Leggings @ Banana Republic, Arden B. & BeBe!

I was on the hunt for new black jean leggings this weekend and came across some great options at Banana Republic, BeBe and Arden B.! I went with the Five Pocket Legging from Banana Republic but the other looks most definitely get an honorable mention two snaps and a circle honey! So let's hear it Belles, have you recently purchased awesome perfect fit leggings that suck in the right things and make your curves look fierce?!…if so, where did you get them and did they break the bank?

Bless the Belles!

"…His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness"(Lamentations 3:22-23, NAS).

Heavenly Father, today I choose to let go of every single weight from the past. I call on Your mercy; I call on Your grace. Thank You for hearing me and delivering me. I receive Your love and forgiveness today. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

By: Joel and Victoria Osteen

From Blah-fit to UberChic Out-fit: The Key…Sequins Doll!

Sequins are MOST definitely a must have wardrobe item! Take them to the beach, the bedroom, the boardroom or the club…use them as accent pieces and turn a Blah-fit into an UberChic-outfit! Do you have them in your fashion rotation? If not…STOP…look at the sequin utilization in the above pictures…now take a moment…and ask yourself…WHY NOT!? LOL! Sequins are even hot at a basketball game…ask Fergie! Now go Belles…seek them out and send us pics of how sequins turned your Blah-fit into an UberChic-outfit!