Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kim K. Buns for Your Cookie Johnson Jeans!

We have to start by saying…BSB is a beauty and fashion blog so we have a responsibility to provide you with all things related…no matter how hilariously ridonkulous…because the fact of the matter is there’s some Belle out there in need of the Booty Pop…no seriously. These fashionable underwear will shape, lift and enhance your booty! The Booty Pop is a Godsend if you don’t have ANY junk at all…it can really give you the J.Lo/Kim K. buns you see on the pages of Glamour Magazine….Actually, we don’t know if the Booty Pop truly works but it seemed blog worthy…enjoy the commercial….it’s just as funny as the Shake Weight Commercial…but the Booty Pop may actually work!

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