Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make Your Eyes Purr With EyeEnvy Eyeshadow Appliques!

EyeEnvy Press & Peel Eyeshadow Appliques: UltraCheeky

Wanna make your eyes look EXTRA sexy and UltraCheeky? Try these EyeEnvy Eyeshadow Press and Peel Appliques …do something different Belles…you know what we always say…REINVENT YOURSELF! The animal prints appliques scream sex kitten! Try EyeEnvy for your next night out on the town with the Belles or your Beau!

Belle Sugar & Bettes Boutique Eyeshadow Stencils: Perfection On the Go!

If you’re like the BSB staff you’re running from place to place at lightning speed but still must look great! These eyeshadow stencils by Bella Sugar or Bettes Boutique are awesome for the CosmoBelle on the go…perfect application without the time perfection usually takes!

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