Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lush Caca Brun Mama Hair Henna Product Review

Hey Belles! I tried Lush’s Caca Brun Mama henna conditioning treatment and…wait for it…it was pretty cool! My hair felt thicker and stronger after rinsing. It was also noticeably shinier! One drawback, henna is kinda messy in general. You’ll have to cut the henna into small pieces and mix with hot water. Note: the henna must stay hot while applying throughout the hair. A possible second drawback, it’s a little smelly…but in an earthy-kind-of-way. Once you rinse, the smell is gone. A minimal price to pay for natural/vegan hair treatmentsJ. I slept with the henna overnight and rinsed/styled as usual in the morning. It does add color to lighter hair…so beware. My hair is pretty dark so I didn’t notice much of a color change.

Lush Caca Brun Ingredient List:

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