Monday, June 7, 2010

ZOYA nail polish...and it's FREE!

To all my color crazed belles…You’re in for a treat!!! Here at BSB we are bananas over our Zoya nail polish. If you haven’t tried it…go catch up! Not to mention, now is the perfect time to shine with Zoya’s free “Nail Polish Exchange Program” lasting throughout the entire month of June. Yes, I said FREE! For a limited time only, you can send in those corroded bottles in the back of your medicine cabinet for all new summer shades (up to six bottles), all for the measly cost of shipping & handling. Zoya has over 300 colors to choose from in their award winning line, of “longest lasting” nail color. BTW, Earthy Belles, Zoya is vegan friendly…totally free of formaldehyde and camphor.

I don’t know about you but the word free gets me every time—good when it comes to product, bad when it comes to office donuts:)

Trust me…you’ve never experienced color like this before! Do dish with BSB on which colors you choose. Ciao for now!

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