Tuesday, July 6, 2010

GorgeousFaces, LLC & 4 Must Have Makeup Items for Belles!

Makeup Artist/Mogul Gorgeous McPeters is the owner of GorgeousFaces, LLC a multi-faceted marketing company based in the entertainment industry! Not only does she manage models and recording artists but her company represents Girl power to the fullest! GF, LLC works to embrace their clients’ inner and outer beauty to create history! GorgeousFaces LLC is not just a management company but a way of life!
While doing makeup for a photo-shoot, BSB caught up with Gorgeous of GF, LLC and asked her,
What are the 4 must have makeup/beauty items for a Belle?….and the makeup guru replied:

1. Moisturizer w/ SPF….Like Neutrogena Visibly Even w/ SPF 30…also helps even skin tone! www.neutrogena.com
2. Good mascara…..Try Maybelline New York Stiletto Lash Mascara…sexy long lashes! www.maybelline.com
3. Great lip-gloss…
Like Chanel Glossimer…too hot! www.chanel.com
4. Blush…Try MAC’s huge selection of colors! www.maccosmetics.com

Gorgeous is an amazingly skilled makeup artist and GorgeousFaces, LLC is making moves so don’t blink…you might miss it!

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  1. GorgeousFaces LLC is on the move and I want to thank Butter Scotch Belle For all the love. GorgeousFaces has come along way and with the continued support of all of the Gorgeous Faces'(Men & Women) We will continue to push forward. Follow me on Twitter @GorgeousFaces1. Deuces xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo