Saturday, July 10, 2010

Makeup Artist Tips: Picking The Right Makeup Brushes

Tһе right makeup brushes can improve coverage аחԁ decrease blemishes. There are tons of brushes, suppliers and prices to select from when stocking your makeup bag with the essentials. Learn when and where to use which brushes іח tһіѕ makeup tips video from professional makeup Expert: Keri Hatfield Contact:

Look below for things to think about when selecting a makeup brush and places to find amazing brushes!

• Brush head shape; square, dome, tapered, angled, slant etc.
• Brush head size; fine (extra small), small, medium, large, extra large
• Bristles; natural hair -sable, squirrel, goat vs. synthetic- nylon, taklon
• Bristles; texture-fine, soft, coarse
• Bristles; firm, stiff, dense etc.
Handle length; long, short, 'travel size'

3.Bath & Body Works
4.Bare Escentuals
5.Prescriptives (they have a great affordable foundation brush)
Beauty Brands

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  1. I also like Hakuhodo and Shu Uemura brushes! If we're thinking recession proof beauty, Crown Brushes is also a good company.