Sunday, June 27, 2010

Up Close and Personal with Big Boi on Fashion, Style, Love & Blueblockers?!

Many of you know Big Boi and Andre as trendsetting style powerhouses but how many of you know Big Boi never leaves for a road tour without his…..Blueblockers?! Although that may sound funny he had some great points, “Straight outta CVS and they’re the best at keeping the sun out! We got all types of shades and it ain’t about the shades it’s about what’s behind the shades!” Big Boi also has to have his IPod…..hummmmm wonder why?

BSB really loved getting up close and personal with Big Boi. He shared the sexiest woman alive to him is his wife, Sherlita Patton! It’s most definitely crazy sexy for a married man to feel so confident in his wife and still find her amazingly hot! Oh and if you're yearning for the clothes once found in Sherlita’s boutique, “ P Valentine”… worries the couple plan to make those once sought after stylish fashions available to the world via a revamped online based boutique!

Big Boi also informed BSB he leaves his “Steve Harvey Lining” to a professional with the clippers and on the mic, Rob the Barber in ATL! But hold the straight razor around the goatee for Big Boi, he commented, “I don’t mess with them straight razors they‘ll have ya all jacked up lookin like Mister Tibbs on In the Heat of the Night!” He is not only a ridiculous lyricist but he is also hilarious! Big Ups to Big Boi for giving BSB the inside track on how fashion, style and love are instrumental parts of his life!

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