Saturday, July 3, 2010

Marc Stevens...up close & in person!

Marc Stevens, hairstylist extraordinaire is coifing stellar styles and taking names. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re in for a treat!

Meet Marc:
Marc’s rags-to-riches story is one that he shares proudly to encourage and inspire others to know that you can love what you do for a living; especially when you utilize your God-given talents and abilities to be a blessing to others.

As a young teen, Marc lost his way and ended up in the one place the never imagined he would be…prison. But through self determination and a natural ability to cut and style hair, this setback actually became the setup for his calling in the hair care industry. Once released, Marc pursued Barber College and hairstyling full-time. Within only a number of years, Marc Stevens went from inmate, to apprentice, to reputable hairstylist and now renowned hairstylist & entrepreneur.

Marc’s Passion for Hair:
“Healthy hair is an art” is Marc’s signature phrase. While he loves to play around with edgy hair trends, he is the first to admit that his true love is classic, timeless hair; full of shine and body. So, it’s no wonder Marc’s all-time favorite celebrity hair is the one-and-only, Farrah Fawcett!
Marc prides himself on being experienced with natural and relaxed hair. According to Mr. Stevens the key to healthy relaxed hair is…
- Relaxer consultation
- Regularly scheduled relaxers (6-8 weeks)
- Clarifying shampoo (2-4 weeks)
- Trim ends (6-8 weeks)
- 2 hair conditioning treatments per month (1-4 weeks)

Relaxing No No’s:
1. Never relax at home. Box relaxers have a shelf life. Salon quality relaxers are monitored much more closely than retail outlets to ensure the best results.

2. Be careful not to mix other chemicals & color with relaxed hair. This is a recipe for damaged tresses.

3. Take care of your hair at home.
o Use a daily serum.
o Use a thermal protectant when styling with hot tools
o Wrap hair with a silk/satin scarf or sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase

Marc has a love/hate relationship with all things hair. Being a stylist, he has definitely formed a strong opinion about his likes and dislikes…he shared a few with BSB…
Favorite Product: “Design Essentials Express Conditioner”

Biggest Hair Pet Peeves:
1. Young women with grey hair…color it already! Sheesh!!!
2. Visible hair weave tracks. BIG NO NO!
3. Mis-matched hair textures when wearing extensions

Favorite Method of Styling: Loose curls with LOTS of body
Favorite Natural Hair Style: Twist-n-curl (TNC)
Hair Faux Pas: Trendy Hair. Work with what looks best on you, not the latest trend

For more information on Marc Stevens Gallery…

Marc Stevens Gallery
3319 Olive Street
Saint Louis, MO, 63103


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